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Please review your order carefully before submitting. If you notice any errors after you submit your order, please contact us right away and we will correct it for you. If your address is incorrect, there may be delays in receiving your order, so please help us by confirming your billing and delivery addresses.

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We collect 5% GST for orders shipped to Canadian addresses.

Purchasing Photos from ShowChampions.com

When ordering photos online, Showchampions uses an online transaction system where customers fill in an order form to request products and services. We collect customer's contact information including, but not limited to, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and web statistics. Contact information is used to send orders, information about our products and services, and promotional material to our customers. The customer's contact information may also be used to get in touch with them when necessary. Customers may opt-out of receiving notifications by email by unsubscribing to our mailing list. Financial information that is collected by Showchampions is used to bill the user for the requested products and services. The data we keep for each customer is strictly for Showchampions business use, such as analyzing sales trends, and to assist you in your current or future purchases.

You can be confident in the security of your transactions because Showchampions uses a secure transaction system hosted by PayPal™. PayPal™ stores your credit card information using advanced encryption technology.

Conditions of Sale

Time to time, we may request confirmation from the customer, delay the order pending verification or in rare cases refuse any order based on inability to verify legitimacy of the order. Our order confirmation and validation process may include the verification of credit card information, physical address, shipping information or billing information.


By submitting an order through our shopping cart, you agree to all terms and conditions of this website. Because our images are not returnable as with many photography businesses, please order with care and confirm all items in your shopping cart before checkout.

We stand behind our name and products, so if you are not 100% satisfied with your images, we will try and remedy the situation to the best of our ability. If a photo you have ordered is less than optimal quality, we may at our discretion provide you with a complementary alternative image of the same subject.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact us. We'd be happy to assist you.

If there was a problem with your order including damaged product or the wrong product shipped to you - please email info@showchampions.com or call +1.866.844.2295 ASAP.

Please include as much of the following information possible so we can track down your order.

  • Billing address and contact information
  • Order confirmation number
  • Image numbers that you ordered - Image numbers can be found on the back of the prints, will look similar to (AB08-9-9999)
  • Problem with shipment - please be specific

If any issues cannot be resolved, we will provide you with merchandise credit. In most cases, this will be minus Shipping and Handling fees. If the mistake was our fault, then we will happily exchange or replace your photos - no questions asked.

What we do ...

ShowChampions specializes in livestock photography and covers all major agricultural shows throughout North America giving you a chance to purchase photos of the events.

Shows and Events

If you are a show organizer and would like us to cover your events please contact us for details of the services we can provide.

Event Photographers

We're always looking for keen and talented photographers to represent us. We provide you with training and guidance on livestock photography as well as a solid platform to showcase and sell your work.

Farmers and Breeders

Our specialist photographers can also visit your farm to provide you with livestock images for your own marketing and promotion.